“Dancing stimulates the mind, body, and soul. It has been proven to increase cognitive strengths and prolong life; that is the Miracle of Dance.”

Lai Rupe


Dance and Movement

Our Dance and Movement programs are led by California State University Dominguez Hills professor Marco Carreon. Through such activities such as chair dance, yoga, and stretching, our clients get their blood flowing, improve their flexibility, and reduce stress. 


Marco Carreon

Our program is designed so all can participate, no matter what challenges they face. Each month we have a different musical theme. Because it’s so important for our participants to build their core strength, we also include yoga and Pilates in our program.

Due to COVID-19, we are currently creating movement videos for our YouTube channel. If you would like to participate or donate, please contact our Executive Director.

We are also currently recruiting more choreographers and dance assistants so that we can expand our programs to more facilities. If you’re interested in joining our dance team, please contact carol@compassionateartists.org or click here. (link to volunteer page)



Dancing Is Good for Your Health

Minimizes Symptoms of Depression

A group of Australian researchers found that men and women with mood disorders who participated in a dance program felt less depressed and experienced significant reductions in their levels of stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Protects Your Heart

People with stable chronic heart failure may derive the same aerobic health advantages from dancing as they would from more traditional forms of cardiovascular exercise, such as cycling or walking, says a study published in the journal Circulation.

Defends Against Dementia

Dancing appears to offer the best chance of helping stave off dementia. According to a 21-year study led by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, aging adults who danced regularly had a 76 percent reduced risk for developing dementia. Experts theorize that dancing is beneficial for our brains because it combines cardiovascular exercise with split-second decision making that taxes our neural network, forcing it to create new pathways. Seniors with conditions like Parkinson’s disease, dementia, cancer, arthritis, asthma, and heart disease can all participate. Research into using dance as a therapy for each of these ailments has unearthed a host of advantages and very few risks.

From AgingCare.com

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