"A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal"

Steve Maraboli



Marvin Porton - Client

“I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday concert last December by Compassionate Artists. Patients and staff at the oncology center were thrilled by the performance. The concert certainly helped pass the time while I was receiving chemo treatment.”


Gary DeLeis - Client

“[Compassionate Artists] coming here means everything in the world. [Our facility doesn’t] have anything here but bingo and that gets tiring after a while. I love the art and dance, and when they do that boogie woogie music, it’s great.”


Cynthia - Client

“I like working with the Compassionate Artists because they teach me a lot of things. It’s a lot of fun. We exercise, we sing, we dance in our chairs, and I like that. I thank you for helping us. Amen.”


Charlotte - Client

“I love Compassionate Artists because they are true to their word. They come when they say they will and they’re true to their name, they are always compassionate.”


Brandy Hernandez

Activity Director, Downey Senior Center

Thank you so much for coming into our community and providing us with a wonderful variety of meaningful activities. From sing-alongs to arts and crafts to dance movement. They love it all! I thank you and your team for all that you do and for giving back to the elder community.”


Angie Fabela - Activity Director

Woodruff Convalescent Center

“Our residents get very excited when they hear that Compassionate Artists is going to pay a visit. The greatly enjoy the art and music activities and well as the musical performances. It gives them a reason to live another day”


Joanne Sampo

Crafts & Arts and Music Volunteer

“It has been a privilege to be able to bring music and creativity to those in nursing homes through Compassionate Artists.  We bring colors and textures, harmony, joy, and compassion.  We enrich their environment and lift their spirits, and, in return, we are blessed.”

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