We have several ways to share your musical gifts.

CA Singers are a group of individual singers who come together to learn and perform 30-minutes shows. These show “packages,” which include solo and small ensemble numbers, are then toured to different facilities. Qualifications: the ability to read music (or at least to follow musical notes on the page), to be a quick study, to take direction and be available for daytime performances during the week. CA Singers without professional experience, are chosen by audition (See “The Fine Print”). It is a great opportunity to meet a diverse group of talented colleagues, have fun, and change some lives for the good

In addition to the CA Singers’ we welcome:

Professional Instrumental or vocal soloists.

Existing Professional Ensembles (vocal or Instrumental)

Non-Professional Ensembles (audition required)

School Ensembles (audition required)(our audiences would love to hear a preview of your school program!)

 If you are a well-trained instrumental or vocal soloist, our audience members would be thrilled to hear you! Pianists and guitarists are particular favorites. And we’ll be with you every step of the way! **

MUSICAL ACTIVITIES: Our audiences love sing-alongs, audience participation and musicians who take time to truly connect with them.

What an amazing gift to share!

The Fine Print!

Since we are working with a vulnerable population, all volunteers are subject to interviews, background checks, and auditions (as noted). The Compassionate Artists Management Team reserves the right to refuse any volunteer who we feel would not be a good match for the Compassionate Artists community.


For professional solo performers ensembles:

We ask that you honor a three time a year, two-hour time commitment (plus travel time)

For all other volunteers:

CA requires you to fulfill your commitment to attend assigned rehearsals.

All participants:

Need to be aware that you may be in an environment where you may see individuals who are ill, disabled or in pain.

Need to maintain professional boundaries with clients and their families.

Need to take this commitment as seriously as you would a work or family obligation.

Must be willing to do an interview, receive a background check, audition as required, undergo orientation training and provide personal references.

Compassionate Artists is not a stepping-stone to full time employment or an opportunity for self-promotion?

I have read the requirements above and am ready to make the commitment to become a Compassionate Artist.

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About us

Compassionate Artists are a team of dedicated volunteers committed to keeping the arts in the lives of those who have lost access due to health issues. Our first focus is senior facilities. So many facilities have no budget for arts of any kind and we feel strongly that life without art is no life at all. There’s a lot to do and we need your help.


Our mission

OUR MISSION is to bring joy and lift the spirit through the performing arts and creative activities, helping those without access to the arts rediscover their inner creativity. Our roster includes experienced musicians, artists, actors, and dancers and other creative professionals. Our goal is to establish an environment of acceptance and support and create a loving community of caring arts professionals.

Contact us:(562) 334-5031