Our Programs

We know that the arts can feed the soul.
We have seen the arts lift depression.
We know that the arts can heal the brain.
We have seen the arts magnify joy.
We know the arts can inspire physical activity.
We have seen the arts bring back treasured memories.
We know that the arts have the power
to bring out the child in us all.
We have seen the arts bring people together.

We know the arts are magic.

Carol Gibson

Founder, Executive Director
Compassionate Artists

Our focus is simple, improve the lives of financially disadvantaged seniors who no longer have the gifts of arts, dance, and music in their lives. We bring it to them and, more recently, have made online resources available to them. We believe that nothing else can replace the joy that the arts bring to one’s life.  

70% of those we serve have been abandoned by their families or have no living relatives and are surviving on Social Security and state health programs. These do not provide funding for the essential human need for music, movement, and to create. That’s where we come in.


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Phone: 562 451-5015

2833 E. 1rst St. Long Beach, CA 90803

Write Us: artsheal@compassionateartists.org