Compassionate Artists keeps art in the lives of financially disadvantaged seniors by providing art, music and
creative engagement for seniors. We give the participants an opportunity to express their creativity while
increasing cognitive function and enjoying social interaction.

Compassionate Artists’ Mission

Compassionate Artists is a tax-exempt organization that brings the Joy of Music, Dance, and Art to residential care facilities for financially disadvantaged seniors. We make weekly visits and tailor our program for each facility we serve. We offer both performances and activities.

We pride ourselves on getting to know our participants as individuals. We lead with the heart.

We understand the importance of the arts throughout our lifetimes. Participation in the arts can improve cognitive function, lift depression, delay the progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and improve overall health.



“The arts are a critical component of healthcare. Expressive art is a tool to explore, develop and practice creativity as a means to wellness.”

Wellarts Association


32% of seniors in the United States are living at or below the poverty level


65% of the individuals we serve have been abandoned by their families or have no living relatives.


91% of seniors reported severe depression during COVID-19

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