Friends and Allies of Compassionate Artists'

It's icing on the cake when someone wants to tell us how we have helped! 

Joanne Sampo


“It has been a privilege to be able to bring music and creativity to those in nursing homes through the Compassionate Artist Program.  We bring colors and textures, harmony, joy and compassion.  We enrich their environment and lift their spirits, and in return, we are blessed”

Marvin Porton


“I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday concert last December by Compassionate Artists. Patients and staff at the oncology center were thrilled by the performance. The concert certainly helped pass the time while I was receiving chemo treatment.”

Angie Fabela

Activity Director

“Our residents get very excited when they hear that Compassionate Artists is going to pay a visit. The greatly enjoy the art and music activities and well as the musical performance. It gives them a reason to live another day”

About us

Compassionate Artists are a team of dedicated volunteers committed to keeping the arts in the lives of those who have lost access due to health issues. Our first focus is senior facilities. So many facilities have no budget for arts of any kind and we feel strongly that life without art is no life at all. There’s a lot to do and we need your help.


Our mission

OUR MISSION is to bring joy and lift the spirit through the performing arts and creative activities, helping those without access to the arts rediscover their inner creativity. Our roster includes experienced musicians, artists, actors, and dancers and other creative professionals. Our goal is to establish an environment of acceptance and support and create a loving community of caring arts professionals.

Contact us:(562) 334-5031