"Creative art pursuits provide older adults with multiple benefits, not the least of which is enhanced cognitive function and relief from chronic pain."

Barbara Bagan, PhD, ATR-BC

Our Way of Helping


What We Do

Compassionate Artists brings music, theatre, art and dance activities and performances to seniors who no longer have access to the arts.

We are currently focusing on health care facilities and plan to expand to other settings in the future.

To discuss having us visit your facility, please contact Carol Gibson at Carol@CompassionateArtists.org.

Whom We Serve

We currently focus on senior facilities, including senior living, convalescent hospitals, assisted living, senior centers, senior day care, etc. We plan, to expand our services, limited only by the numbers and availability of our volunteer artists.

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Where We Serve

We currently focus on Los Angeles County but hope to extend to Orange County in the fall. Our long-term goal is to create a nationwide organization so no one has to live without access to the arts.

Why We Serve

We serve because we cannot imagine our lives without art.

 We serve because the thought of anyone going without art, music, theatre or dance for any length of time breaks our hearts, especially those seniors who will spend their last years without the JOY that the arts bring.

 We serve because we must make a change of our families and ourselves.

 We serve because no one should die in an ugly room.

We serve because we love seeing eyes and hearts light up when they see us coming.

We serve because we love discovering the many things our clients have to teach us.

 You can be a part of the solution. Join us as we bring JOY to thousands of individuals. We can’t do it without your help!

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Request Our Services

Carol Gibson our Executive Director is the key!

Contact Carol

Call Carol: 562.334.5031

email: carol@compassionateartists.org

What People Say About Us

About us

Compassionate Artists are a team of dedicated volunteers committed to keeping the arts in the lives of those who have lost access due to health issues. Our first focus is senior facilities. So many facilities have no budget for arts of any kind and we feel strongly that life without art is no life at all. There’s a lot to do and we need your help.


Our mission

OUR MISSION is to bring joy and lift the spirit through the performing arts and creative activities, helping those without access to the arts rediscover their inner creativity. Our roster includes experienced musicians, artists, actors, and dancers and other creative professionals. Our goal is to establish an environment of acceptance and support and create a loving community of caring arts professionals.

Contact us:(562) 334-5031