Are you a Compassionate Artist?


You are a Compassionate Artist

Would you like to help?

Do you want to bring the arts to those who have lost access because of illness or disability?

Do you have the passion it takes to make the world a better place by sharing your gift for art, music, dance, theatre or other forms of creative expression?

Do you want to bring JOY to the spirits of others and to yourself?

Join Us

Imagine yourself no longer able to hear live music, enjoy an art museum or attend the theatre. For many individuals this is their reality. We have been honored to go into senior facilities and change lives in one visit. As we share our particular talents, the artistic energy created re-ignites souls and reminds our audience of the JOYS of life!

All Artistic Professionals Are Welcome

Storytellers, mimes, all creative artists are welcome into the Compassionate Artists community. Contact us and share your passion with others.


CA Singers are a group of individual singers who come together to learn and perform 30-minutes shows. These show “packages,” which include solo and small ensemble numbers, are then toured to different facilities. Qualifications: the ability to read music (or at least to follow...


Be it monologues, readers’ theatre, short scenes, reading aloud, poetry or storytelling our audiences love it all. We welcome professionals and talented amatueurs, and school drama participants (audition required for the latter two)...

Visual Art

Whether it’s designing and painting murals to brighten up dull facilities, donating a print or a work of art, working with residents to create their own art pieces, or guiding volunteers to beautify the rooms of hospice patients, artists are a vital part of our mission. Bring your ideas to...


Dancers, choreographers, and movement specialists brighten the days of these wonderful folks by either performing or coming up with a movement activity to share as a group...

Not An Artist?

You have important gifts, if you believe in our mission and: possess expertise in art, or drama therapy; have experience working with the populations we serve; have fundraising, grant writing, or sponsorship skills; or want to help in other ways , please contact...
About us

Compassionate Artists are a team of dedicated volunteers committed to keeping the arts in the lives of those who have lost access due to health issues. Our first focus is senior facilities. So many facilities have no budget for arts of any kind and we feel strongly that life without art is no life at all. There’s a lot to do and we need your help.


Our mission

OUR MISSION is to bring joy and lift the spirit through the performing arts and creative activities, helping those without access to the arts rediscover their inner creativity. Our roster includes experienced musicians, artists, actors, and dancers and other creative professionals. Our goal is to establish an environment of acceptance and support and create a loving community of caring arts professionals.

Contact us:(562) 334-5031