“Kindness is being a breath of fresh air to someone else when they feel like they are suffocating.”


The Future


With the current changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken a new look at our programs. Though we will continue with the in-person events when  the quarantine is lifted, we are looking at ways to bring the arts to individuals in their rooms. These programs include monthly activity books, (Spanish coming soon!) to engage our folks cognitively and creatively. Creativity boxes with a variety of arts supplies and art activities for each individual and soon our own YouTube Channel featuring a number of videos, including “Mornings with Marco,” movement videos, sing-alongs, (lyric sheets will be available for download), arts & crafts instructions, featuring common items, and a variety of performance and well-being videos. If you would like to donate content or create content for us, please contact Carol Gibson at carol@compassionateartists.org for more information.